My Story

Fashion takes us somewhere and tells many stories. My story at Woo Woo Boutique starts with the moment I see a piece of clothing and immediately know I’m going to have the best time in this! The pieces I make take inspiration from the past, found images, and people I see when I’m out and about. I am driven and inspired to create beautiful handmade garments from vintage or curated dead stock fabric. I can’t help myself! I use these landfill-bound fabrics to create unique pieces that inspire joy and have a feel-good factor. I love glam rock and the 70s. I started by looking at my vintage collection and making new items inspired by their glory to fit any shape and size by well-paid local seamstresses. I had a vision of jumpsuits, sequin zaps, dresses, and skirts inspired by Bowie, the 40s, 70s, Ossie Clark, Steve Nicks, Kate Bush, and punk rock. My clothes can be worn to a festival, an Abba Voyage concert, or to your local supermarket; all you need is the joy that these delights filled with good vibes give you.