Vivienne Maxi Tiered Skirt with Sequin Stars in Dark Grey

Vivienne Maxi Tiered Skirt with Sequin Stars in Dark Grey

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A Tribute to Rita Hayworth's Enduring Charm: The Vivienne Skirt

Inspired by the iconic Rita Hayworth as she twirled captivatingly in the film Gilda, the Vivienne Skirt is an homage to the timeless allure of feminine elegance and glamour. Its sweeping silhouette, reminiscent of Hayworth's mesmerizing dance moves, embodies the spirit of the 1940s, an era that celebrated bold fashion statements and undeniable femininity.

Born from a Serendipitous Encounter
The creation of the Vivienne Skirt was sparked by a chance encounter at a market stall in Clapham. As the designer browsed the stalls, the legendary Vivienne Westwood, renowned for her ground-breaking fashion designs, expressed her admiration for the skirt, proclaiming, "If I were to wear any of your designs, I would wear this skirt. I absolutely love it. But I have too many clothes so I mustn't!" This serendipitous exchange led to the skirt's rechristening from the "Rita" to the "Vivienne," a testament to its captivating charm and undeniable fashion appeal.

A Masterpiece of Tailoring
The Vivienne Skirt is a testament to the designer's meticulous attention to detail and mastery of tailoring. Its elasticated waist ensures a comfortable fit, while its fully lined construction provides a smooth, luxurious drape. The skirt's true artistry lies in its four carefully proportioned tiers, which create a mesmerizing swishing motion as the wearer moves, echoing the graceful twirls of Rita Hayworth.

A Symphony of Colours
The Vivienne Skirt is available in a range of versatile hues, each capturing a unique essence. The classic black exudes timeless elegance, while the serene grey offers a touch of sophistication. The baby pink adds a hint of playful femininity, while the peach radiates warmth and charm.

A Sequin-Adorned Star
The skirt pictured is a captivating interpretation of the Vivienne design, crafted in a dark grey fabric adorned with shimmering gold and silver sequin stars. The celestial pattern adds a touch of glamour and sparkle, transforming the skirt into a statement piece that exudes elegance and sophistication.

A One-Size-Fits-All Masterpiece
The Vivienne Skirt caters to a range of body types, seamlessly adapting to sizes 10-14. Its elasticated waist provides a comfortable and flattering fit, while its flowing silhouette accentuates feminine curves. For those seeking a truly personalized experience, the designer offers a bespoke service, ensuring that each skirt is tailored to the wearer's exact measurements.

A Legacy of Feminine Elegance
The Vivienne Skirt is more than just a garment; it's an embodiment of feminine charm, elegance, and the enduring allure of classic fashion. It's a tribute to Rita Hayworth's captivating dance moves and a testament to the designer's passion for creating timeless pieces that empower women to feel confident and beautiful.

Embrace Your Inner Diva
As you slip into the Vivienne Skirt, you'll instantly feel the transformative power of fashion. Its sweeping silhouette, exquisite tailoring, and captivating sequin detail will ignite your inner diva, allowing you to channel Rita Hayworth's timeless glamour and command attention wherever you go.

A Must-Have for Discerning Fashionistas
Whether you're a seasoned vintage fashion enthusiast or simply seeking an elegant and timeless piece, the Vivienne Skirt is an absolute must-have. Its exquisite craftsmanship, flattering silhouette, and versatile colour options make it a versatile addition to any discerning fashionista's wardrobe.

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