Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron
Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron
Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron
Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron
Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron

Studio 54 Jumpsuit in Velvet Yellow Chevron

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Step into the Glamorous Era of Disco with the Studio 54 Jumpsuit: A Missoni-Inspired Zigzag Velvet Masterpiece

Embrace the captivating allure of the disco era with the Studio 54 Jumpsuit, an exquisite recreation of a 1980s design, now crafted from luxurious Missoni-inspired zigzag velvet. This mesmerizing garment, meticulously tailored to embody the essence of Studio 54's iconic style, exudes an air of effortless elegance and untamed glamour.

A Symphony of Retro Charm and Modern Sophistication
The Studio 54 Jumpsuit pays homage to the electrifying energy of Studio 54, the legendary New York nightclub that epitomized the disco era. Its flowing silhouette, reminiscent of the bold fashion statements of the 1980s, exudes an aura of effortless cool and retro charm. The striking Missoni-inspired zigzag velvet, with its intricate patterns and captivating blend of hues, adds a touch of boldness and sophistication, making the jumpsuit a statement piece that commands attention.

A Canvas of Luxurious Texture and Versatility
The Studio 54 Jumpsuit is a canvas of luxurious texture, combining the smooth, silky drape of velvet with the captivating visual interest of the zigzag pattern. The velvet, known for its elegance and refined sheen, caresses the body in a symphony of comfort and sophistication. The zigzag pattern, with its bold and vibrant design, adds a touch of retro glamour, making the jumpsuit a versatile piece that seamlessly transitions from day to night.

Effortless Style with Batwing Sleeves, Pleats, and Pockets
The Studio 54 Jumpsuit features batwing sleeves that provide ample arm coverage and flattering pleats that accentuate the waistline. The addition of convenient pockets adds a touch of functionality, while the versatile design allows the jumpsuit to be tied in two ways: as either a plunge or wrap top. This adaptability ensures that the jumpsuit can be customized to suit any occasion and personal style, making it a must-have for any discerning fashionista.

A Must-Have for Disco Enthusiasts and Discerning Fashionistas
The Studio 54 Jumpsuit is a must-have for disco enthusiasts and discerning fashionistas who appreciate timeless elegance, retro charm, and exquisite craftsmanship. Its luxurious Missoni-inspired zigzag velvet, versatile design, and captivating allure make it a piece that will be cherished for years to come. Embrace the captivating spirit of Studio 54 and let the Studio 54 Jumpsuit elevate your style to new heights of glamour and sophistication. Whether you're gracing a glamorous disco party or simply enjoying a casual outing, this jumpsuit will make you feel like a true star of the night.

The jumpsuit is ONLY available in the Yellow colour way (see swatch picture) The jumpsuit is NO longer available in the colour pictured on our model.

The Studio 54 Jumpsuit fits sizes 10 - 16. We are able to make this bespoke, to your exact measurements. For custom made items there will be an additional cost of £50. When ordering please select the "custom" option.


When ordering any garments, include the following information:- Specify your choice of fabric, UK size (or equivalent), Measure your waist and hips and compare your measurements with our size guide to help determine what size to buy.

✨Custom made

For custom made garments we will need you exact measurements as these items are NON-REFUNDABLE once made. Custom made are also NON-REFUNDABLE if you simply change your mind. If you have any questions, please message me.

For help with sizing please take a look at our Size Guide.

✨Standard Body Measurements (inches)

UK6 (XXS) UK8 (XS) UK10 (S) UK12/14 (M) UK14/16 (L)

31 (UK6) 32 (UK8) 34 (UK10) 38 (UK12/14) 42 (UK14/16)

24 (UK6) 26 (UK8) 29 (UK10) 32 (UK12/14) 35 (14/16)

34 (UK6) 37 (UK8) 40 (UK10) 43 (UK12/14) 46 (UK14/16)

32 (UK6) 33 (UK8) 33 (UK10) 33 (UK12/14) 33 (UK14/16)

How to take your measurements:-

Waist - measure around natural waistline ~ Hips - measure at the widest part ~ Inside leg - measure from the top of the inside leg at the crotch to the ankle bone ~ Bust ~ Height.

All our garments are made by couture-standard seamstresses here in London, so you are getting a truly unique and high quality product.

As far as possible we try to make our garments with sustainability in mind. Most of my garments are made from a vintage roll of fabric I find on my searches. So once it’s gone it’s gone! I am always sourcing wonderful sustainable fabrics and creating new pieces.

These products are all hand made we try to have them in stock and ready to ship, there can be a 2-3 week wait. Please send me a message if your order is urgent. Thank you

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